This Birdy has to admit, a quick wardrobe change and easy choices are the new thing for me, when trying to get out the door. I love complex layering and thinking of new, interesting ways to pair pieces, but lately I find myself relying on the one piece wonder: the dress. 

I love dresses! And not just the fancy going-out, evening styles, but the simple, daytime options, and ones that can go from day to night. The recent change of seasons has put me in the Mood to keep my bird's eye on the horizon for springtime-fresh colors and patterns, which can all transition easily into summer, and styles that are both pretty and comfortable. Nothing too fitted or formal, something you can wear all day long with flats or heels. And something that can become instantly transformed into a casual look with a denim jacket, or an evening look with a fitted blazer.  

And that's what these Jaunty finds are -- easy, breezy spring/summer-worthy dresses that you can enjoy for the months to come: {1} Three-Act Maxi Dress, {2} City Slicker Maxi Dress in Coral, {3} Isabel Dress, {4} Tinley Road Dreamtown Dress
Jaunty Fine Print: Images from shops listed above

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