We interrupt your day to bring you this message... DOG. In what I can only describe as Dog Therapy (I'm pretty sure I've hashtagged it a few times), my heart is not bereft of happy dog smiles, belly rubs, ear scratches and the longing stares as you're trying to eat pizza. Here's to Dogs, and the joy they bring.


Indulge me yet again in another dreamy seasonal post, if you will. I took these photos in a friend's yard a little while back, admiring the change of light and color as the sun was setting. I love that when autumn arrives, you feel it in the air.


It's been an amazing summer, Pacific Northwest, I have to hand it to you -- and I don't mind that you haven't been in a hurry to depart. It's nice to enjoy the in-between of Summer and Fall -- which I'd just like to name Summerfall. You're not quite ready to pull out the winter coats, you can still wear summery flats, and you're walking around in a flutter of rapidly-changing leaves.