Indulge the Birdy's penchant for photos lately -- the springtime blooms and more hospitable weather is inspiring to my shutterbug tendencies.  I know it sounds silly, but I consider the camellia plants in the backyard my Miracle Plants. I put them in YEARS ago, and they have been overdue to bloom, but thankfully over the last couple of years, we've been getting a steady and growing number of flowers. I can see the bright blooms from our bedroom window, it's so very nice, and I like to celebrate that. 


Blame a crazy week, but dammit, this Birdy needs a mini-Spring Break!  I am overly excited to cast off my Workaholic/troll-like existence and get out to have a little fun. Well, between other work stuff. You know... moderation. Looking forward to catching up with some friends and literally sipping the season at this year's Woodinville Reserve: A White and Rosé Affair. Ooh, sounds scandalous, no? ;) Don't worry, it's probably one of the most pleasant springtime events you could treat yourself with.


I'm constantly amazed at how good cel phone cameras have gotten.  I daresay most smartphones probably have what would have been considered a top-of-the-line point-and-shoot digital camera way back in the day. I spent a long weekend snapping photos of our journey to Eastern Washington and back, to see the Mister's family. It's amazing to see how drastically different both sides of the state look, when you go from rainy, mountainous Evergreen Western WA to the big sky, rolling farmland of Eastern WA.