A gentleman never asks, a lady never tells, so I'm not saying how old I'm turning or what day my birthday is, only that it's this week and the Birdy is going to try and take it easy! I emphasize the word try because I never fully take as much time off as I'd like. April is a busy month, regardless of when one is born, and there's always work/life-stuff needing to be done. That being said, this is the extent of my post this week -- I'm celebrating Myself, indulging in some extra time for Me, and sometimes that's the best gift one can receive! See you next week when I'm older, and very possibly wiser!
Jaunty Fine Print: Image by Denise Sakaki


Can't you tell? I'm totally feeling the springtime greens right now. I know I should be talking about cute dresses, shoes, or jewelry, but it's easy to forget that we are what we eat, and we wear those choices long after the heels pinch our feet and we slip into flats. Why not be as excited about eating our greens as we are wearing something green?


Do not attempt to adjust your screen -- the hemlines are going every which way, and this Birdy likes it.  Asymmetrical hems aren't anything new, but I'm noticing the trend of dramatically cut, layered hemlines that keep your eye moving around. It's typically on minimalist, modern pieces, and it has such an understated, smart elegance that I'm really liking, especially for spring. Consider it an alternative if you can't quite get on the pastel or floral bandwagon.