Indulge my Nerd-ness once again, if you will -- I'm totally digging on season 2 of SyFy Channel's Helix.  I've always been vocal about my nerd tendencies and a love of genre TV/movies/books, and I thought I'd share a bit of fan art I recently created, inspired by Helix's episodes so far. I also wanted to say a big THANKS to all the fellow fans (and even the actors and producers/writers!) who have been sharing and saying such nice things about the piece over Twitter -- glad people have liked it so much!


Well, if you're going to throw flowers at my feet, they may as well be decorating some fabulous heels.  At least that's what the voice said in my Magpie-Mind as I was looking through all the wonderful springtime-fresh fashions starting to emerge. While I'm less able to wear such beautiful but impractical high heels, a girl can still dream and admire the color and over-the-top embellishment on shoes like these. These gorgeous heels range from the wearable to the WOW


Can this Birdy just say - WHEW!!  It's funny that this Lunar New Year is the Year of the Ram/Sheep, as I'm reminded of that saying that goes with the month of March: In like a lion, out like a lamb. I would call this year so far: "In like a lamb who acts like a lion." ROAR. It's been a little hectic at the Magpie's Nest. Work is going well, keeping me very busy, and my stressbuster of late has been baking. Not so much eating what I make, just enjoying the process, which can be very zen. My latest challenge has been teaching myself the method of French macaron-making, which is very much process-oriented. So while this is probably a better fit for my food blog, Wasabi Prime, I'm sharing this photo of an imperfect first attempt at these tricky cookies. Imperfection is OK. We learn from shortcomings and it only encourages us to keep learning. And at the end of the day, it's a nice reminder to not freak out, and just eat a cookie. Class dismissed!    

Jaunty Fine Print: Photograph by Denise Sakaki