Can you not already tell how much I'm making the most of these waning days of sun-filled skies? It had been a long time since we had left the homestead to visit family -- the Mister and I joined a gathering with his grandfather, who will be turning 90 (we celebrated early -- why not??). We all met up at his aunt and uncle's house in Brewster, which is just outside of Chelan, if you're familiar with that part of Washington State. If you've never headed out there, you should -- it's a uniquely beautiful landscape, so different from what we see on our evergreen, tree-filled horizon.


I know it's been a steady stream of summer flowers, blooms and dogs -- but this is a personal blog, and I feel like it should reflect what's happening in one's life. I haven't been super excited about things to buy or what's "on trend," instead, I've been inspired more by special moments and experiences. I've always said that Real Life informs how we express ourselves, in work, appearance, etc. It's been a year of emotional up's and down's, and I feel like more than ever, I need the simple but powerful inspiration of life around me, and not what's in a magazine or on a store shelf.


Negative Space:  A term in the art world referring to the space around a subject, and not the subject itself, which forms an interesting or meaningful shape.  

These images were taken on August 20, 2014, while cleaning our house after we said farewell to our dog Indy the evening before. 


It's startling how the absence of something has as much impact as when that something was present. Going through the house and removing all traces of our dog Indy was a sad but necessary task. These everyday items took on a completely new meaning without Indy. We kept her toys in a basket, in the bedroom, so that they would be out of the way. You hardly noticed them before, but they looked so empty and out of place without her around.