This Birdy has finally "got it" when it comes to the power of flowers. I always loved fresh-cut blooms and bouquets but they were never a thing I sought out, as they felt like such a short-lived gift. Flowers fade, the blooms wilt, and you're left with something that needs to be cleaned up and swept away. But over the last few years, I finally appreciate the gift that fresh flowers bring to a household. It's a bit of colorful light and life that suddenly makes a room pleasant, and it's definitely a gift worth giving to others, as it's the thing we so rarely treat ourselves with.

Perfect timing for Mother's Day, of course! I can see why the floral industry goes crazy for holidays like these. But it's not just for moms or sweethearts -- flowers are a perfect thing to give to a friend. I wanted to share these pretty tulips in a wonderful blue mason jar vase, because it's something so pretty and special, and something I'd never have done for myself. A good friend gave it to me on my birthday a little while back. It was the bouquet of happiness I needed, as it's been a rough and exhausting time around this Magpie's nest, dealing with a very sick dog for the last several months. It's a visual pick-me-up on gloomy days, when it's hard to look at the world without feeling a bit blue. It's an instant reminder that someone cares, and that they wanted to bring a little joy into your household.

Flowers are the perfect gift because it's something we rarely treat ourselves with, and it's a constant reminder that the world is full of beautiful things.
Jaunty Fine Print: Photo by Denise Sakaki

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