Is it possible to wear your heart on your sleeve (or anywhere else) all year round? As you know, Valentine's Day is this week, although we've been inundated with heart-shaped Everything since January. Is there a way to celebrate the love without everything looking like a heart-shaped mess? The Magpie is here to save the day with some sweet, smart heart-themed jewelry that makes you feel like a Valentine 365 days a year.
I was inspired by a friend who hearts Valentine's Day to the max. She's collected her share of pink, red and purple things with hearts on them over the years, but even she has to admit they have limited wearability, lest you risk looking like a cartoon character. Let's face it, hearts are the domain of grade school crushes, the replacement of the dots in the letter "i," and xoxo-doodled secret notes passed in class. Can we rock heart-shaped items year-round without looking like an overgrown child? 

A heart is love, and love can be like a personal secret, so wear it like one. I selected these different jewelry pieces because they really can be worn every day, without occasion, and it still feels like you're keeping that love close to you. It can be the love of a place, of a person that isn't just a sweetheart, it can be a remembrance of a happy memory, or just a personal totem to remind you to take care of you. So take heart, Valentine's Day fans -- you can keep the holiday in your heart (and wear that heart) year-round, from date night to shopping at the grocery store: {1} Sterling Silver State Love Heart Necklace by McLaughlin Creations on Etsy, {2} Love Birch Cuff by Nancy Nelson on Uncommon Goods, {3} Diamond Heart Key Charm and Chain in rose gold with diamonds by Tiffany and Co, {4} Initial Heart Charm Necklace by Stephan and Co, {5} Let's Go Steady Bangle by Kate Spade, {6} Valentine's Day XOXO hand-carved heavy cast ring in brass by Rachel Pfeffer Designs on Etsy

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from stores listed - Etsy, Kate Spade, Uncommon Goods, Nordstrom and Tiffany and Co.

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