Hear that sound? It's the city of Seattle, breathing a sigh of relief that we FINALLY have a Zara store. It's clearly a banner year for the Emerald City -- Grammy Award-winning local musicians, winning a freakin' Super Bowl, and now this: Zara has arrived in Seattle.
True, you can always shop online, and Zara's shipping and free return policy is more than reasonable, but it's nice to actually see and try on the merchandise in-person. I love their modern, feminine styles. Distinctly urban, but very wearable. Their tops have unique prints, details, or shapes that make them feel like showcase pieces. They have simple, but elegant styles if you want something more understated. And they work marvelously together and integrate well into your existing wardrobe. Seriously, how did Seattle not have this store until now??? 

Seattle's Zara is newly-opened in Westlake Center, downtown. If you haven't browsed their clothing, shoes, and accessories before, I recommend checking out the store, it's quite a browse-worthy place. And to whet your browsing/retail appetite, check out some of these very Jaunty finds: {1} Long-Sleeve Dress in Yellow, {2} Peplum Top in Printed White, {3} Faux Leather Jacket in Black, {4} Printed Sleeveless T-Shirt, {5} Printed Asymmetric Skirt
Jaunty Fine Print: Images from Zara's website

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