Is it a rule that pink is only the realm of princesses? The Magpie would like to clear up this misconception, because you can totally rock a light, dusky rose and not feel like you're a headliner in the Easter Parade. A light rose hue isn't just for Sunday School dresses and minding your manners -- Rose can Rock.

It's because Valentine's Day is coming up, but also thinking about friends who have young daughters, who seem doomed to a destiny of Pretty Pink Princess-land. There's nothing wrong with girls liking pink, but why do the girls who like pink have to be stuck with cotton-candy images of French poodles, flower-shaped everything, and bedazzled tiaras? I think a warm, pale rose can imply life, a strong beating heart, and a way to represent femininity without being defined by typical expectations. It's a color that can flashy and perfectly acceptable for grown women; it can be strong like armor, even rugged.

That's what these Jaunty finds are, a collection of beautiful, bold pieces that put one in a rosy Mood: {1} Charlie Jade sleeveless dress, {2} Rockstud ballerina pump by Valentino Garavani, {3} Blackened silver rose quartz regal crown ring by Didi Jewellery, {4} Rose gold-plated cuff by Arme de l'Amour, {5} English Trellis lace pencil skirt by Burberry, {6} Foil printed lightweight pullover by T by Alexander Wang, {7} Luna rose gold ring by Clara Jasmine

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from stores listed

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