Hooray! This first day of September calls for a celebration and a Jaunty new category: j'adore -- to share any single thing that completely captures this Bird's heart. The object of affection today is a first look at, courtesy of InStyle, of our favorite girl in the city, Carrie Bradshaw, powered by the petite adorableness of Sarah Jessica Parker. Of course it seems cliché to follow the flock and still hold a torch for the jaunty defunct television series, Sex and the City, but the second movie is set to come out in 2010, and I'm not gonna lie -- this little birdie is EXCITED. The Chanel clutch is of course classically lovely, but the Louboutin golden glitter shoes -- how could our girl not walk the streets of New York without these? Those heels were made for golden girl, Carrie Bradshaw, and I can't wait to see more photos come out!

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  1. I am very excited about this movie coming out. Nice photos too!


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