This Bird was blessed by a most jaunty and thoughtful gift recently, from friend and fellow stylish blogger, Radish and Rose, who is quite a fabulous bird herself. I make no secret that my heart's aflutter for the little big shop called Anthropologie. The retail darling of thoughtful gift-givers everywhere, it always manages to charm us into perusing their website and stores to share in the discovery of each vintage-inspired treasure. It's noteworthy how canny Anthropologie is about the attention to detail they place on presenting an item that leaves their store. The simple kraft paper boxes have their logo stamped on the inside, their tissue paper has a custom pattern that goes with their elegantly simple bags, and their gift cards come with a little patchwork bag and the company statement, extolling the virtues of how truly special this store is. Not to forget the beribboned bonbon that was enveloped in all this lovely ephemera -- it's a goldenrod fabric flower necklace, adorned with small gems in the center of each bloom. It's a bit like wearing a modern lei, and I feel as though I have plenty of Aloha spirit when I wear it, thinking of the kindly gift-giver. I will wear this long into the chilly months when it will be the only cheery colored bloom amidst a winter wonderland.

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  1. I love that necklace! Oh wait! I HAVE that same necklace! :)

    You'll love wearing it -- it always gets lots of compliments when I wear mine.

    How fun for you!! :)



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