What a grand night to be a blogger on Friday, November 20th! If you live in or around the Seattle area, perhaps you had heard about Blog Meet Blog, a party organized by two fabulous local bloggers, Kam of Needle + Thread, and Rebecca of The Clothes Horse. This event created a festive and friendly atmosphere to bring a blogger's online presence into the physical realm, and mingle with fellow creatives for a night!

People gathered at the very stylish BoConcept store in downtown Seattle. This is a great place to let inspiration run wild; they have a beautiful showroom of modern ecclectic pieces that totally speak to the Pacific Northwest sensibilities. It was like going to a party at the friend who lives in the impossibly cool loft downtown, filled with cozy sitting areas and tasty treats. Some of the sponsors for the event included Qdoba, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Dry Soda and local darling Trophy Cupcakes. Sitting on a beautiful sofa with a cider in one hand and a s'mores cupcake in the other isn't a bad way to finish off a long week, this Bird has to admit.

Glitter, glam, and yummy treats aside, the real treat was the opportunity to meet so many bloggers. This Bird has been to different social events where one has the opportunity to chat with entrepreneurial minds and talk business, but Blog Meet Blog felt like a true act of kindness. And that's something that is not thrown about lightly -- it's easy enough to be pleasant or nice, but this event had the rare sense of kindness, which is to say, everyone could just share their creative experiences, no sales pitch required, and breathe easy in the knowledge that you were surrounded by like-minded individuals. And people could chat like old friends because we finally got to put faces to blogger/twitter names. The easygoing banter amongst the crowd made me feel like I was back in college, in the art department, where even if you didn't know someone, you felt like you still had a shared connection for imagination and an appreciation for unique beauty. Smiles were exchanged freely, introductions felt natural and enthusiastic. My only regret for the night was being so bird-brained late, and not being able to talk to every amazing person in the room. I know I missed out on seeing people I've talked with over Twitter or via blog comments, and for that I send my regrets, and hope we cross paths again soon! That goes double for the Emerald Dandy and Shock the Bourgeois -- I'm so sorry I missed a proper introduction!

Both Kam and Rebecca are truly kind, creative souls -- if you haven't had a chance to visit their blogs and get to know their imaginative minds, please do so. I can't thank them enough for putting together this meet-up opportunity, having it at such a stylish and smart location like BoConcept, and getting all the great sponsors involved. It was also totally Supercalifragalisticexpicalidocious to once again see the fashionably familiar likes of Seattle Fashion TV, Darrah's Dresser, VueSociety, and Photograph by Youa Kong. This Bird was also just as tickled pink to meet the fabulous likes of Superbetch, Last Days of Light, It's My Darlin', Alix Rose, Urban Fashion Network, and Beauty Revolution Magazine.

Oh, regret number two -- I didn't take nearly enough photos as I should have! But fear not, please peruse those blogs for their Blog Meet Blog posts, where you can find more photos and thoughts on the event. Urban Fashion Network's event post has a link to a ton of great photos by Mike Adams. Sweet thanks to The Clothes Horse's Rebecca for snapping a pic of my crazy ode to Seattle's affinity for sandals and socks, and Anna of Last Days of Light for a picture of Superbetch's Eddie and myself standing against those awesome textile swatches! I look forward to seeing local bloggers again soon, whether it's an event or just being out and about the area!

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  1. Oh, so well put! I love your summary of the night. It's a perfectly painted picture of how well it went.

    Here's to many more in the future...

  2. aren't you a sweetie pie! glad you had fun and made it... here's to hoping the next one meets or exceeds how much fun we had this night... bloggers are rad. : )

  3. I totally agree, the vibe at this event was awesome! Seems like the fashion/lifestyle blogger community can be like an online support group sometimes, and it's nice to know that everyone is so lovely and supportive in person too!
    Thanks as well for the mention, see you at the next meet up, whenever that may be!

  4. oh i totally missed out! Seems like a lot of fun... hopefully there will be another one, would love to meet you!

  5. Hey Denise,

    Thanks for stoppoing by and trying some hot mike's hardspiced apple!

    Kevin Brady
    mike's hard lemonade

  6. Aw, you're too sweet! I'm glad you came and enjoyed the event. Honestly, it is all making me excited to work on another.

  7. Thanks again! Lovely event & nice meeting you at last. :D

  8. I'm so bummed we didn't meet! We NEED to! :) Great post!!


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