Thanksgiving not only means a time for food and friends, it also holds the tradition of being the wave of a checkered flag for the holiday shopping season to begin -- not that it's stopping any retailers from starting early. This Bird caught sight of Santa at the malls already!

The holiday gift-giving fever hasn't put me in a mallrat panic quite yet, but I have been perusing the virtual shopping mall of Etsy recently. I discovered new amazing artists, as well as a return visit to some favorites that I've purchased items from in the past. While I've been known to do a crafty thing now and then, it's been fun to explore the wide selection of artistic visions, which brought on a lovely Mood of fanciful birds, both art and artists, whose creativity truly takes flight in these distinctive pieces: {1} Centerville, original map painting by Rachel Austin (a Pacific NW local artist!) {2} Pendant with vintage print of partridge on one side and pressed flowers on other, by Enchanted Glass (another Pacific NW artist!) {3} Limited Edition 2010 calendar with original artwork by Creative Thursday {4} Garden Gate locket by M Stevenson Designs {5} Chicken and Rooster trio glass magnets by CrowBiz {6} Sybil, square print by Janet Hill Studio {7} REPOSE nesting dolls by Belleslettres

Consider the gift of a unique, handcrafted creation versus something from a factory for this holiday season -- the recipient will treasure it that much more, knowing you took the time to find something truly one-of-a-kind. If you live in or around the Seattle area, I Heart Indie Holidays, a craft show featuring dozens of local artists, will be taking place on Sunday November 29, in Kirkland, at the Lake Street Bar from 11am to 6pm. This sounds like a pretty fantastic opportunity to get some holiday shopping done!

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  1. from one magpie to another love this post! :)
    Love the fancy font you use in your posts, hope you dont mind me asking, but where did you download it from? Im trying to find a good site for fonts for my blog.
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  2. Ooh, I've seen santa too but it always scared me to even be close to the fat man in a santa suit. LOL. I'm taking my sweet time to become a mallrat. haha. need to find cute gift ideas without breaking budget... yeah, my friends put a budget on me. oy. I wanna cry but some of the ideas you have, it's definitely worth checking out! thanks!! :D

  3. I never look forward to the mall rush. But in all honesty gifts have never been really a big thing for christmas in my family, so we try to just get one gift for each other that means something and you're right that is so much more special. I wish Kirkland wasnt so far, spoken like a true seattlite ..lol! The I heart Indie Holidays sounds pretty cool.
    That Locket is amazing!!!

  4. WoW here I am (enchanted glass)in print. thanks so much for choosing to spotlight my art! I love doing the unusual, unique and custom. Think Artisan and don't even go to the mall.... Etsy rocks

  5. Yes! Etsy for xmas shopping! I am right there with ya. I have been spending an exorbitant amount of time on there recently. Unfortunately I have only been successful at buying for myself.

  6. I love the nesting dolls and Etsy is definitely an amazing place for gifts.


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