This Bird is all for being comfortable in the workplace, as heaven knows we spend enough of our day working for The Man, being a cubicle jockey, but a tall glass of judgement must be served up for the fact that just because the weather has turned chilly, doesn't mean you go to the office one step away from wearing a Snuggie to work. You know who you are...

This certainly doesn't include everyone, and really, who hasn't just thrown on a wrinkled pile of whatever to get to work on a morning where you're running late? But on a normal, non-rush weekday, why not eschew the free company picnic or product launch t-shirts for something that's professional, visually interesting, and still cozy? The Magpie found inspiration in a wool blend vest from Rare Woman, featured in Lucky magazine's October issue, and Rick Owens' drapey, chic angora toga sweater.

Shopping the Jaunty Wardrobe, this Bird discovered her softer side with a layered striped gray turtleneck and chunky gray sweater (Macys), paired with the colorful pop of a magenta pencil skirt (JC Penneys). Interest pieces were a silver cuff (this was a gift) and a Magpie-made felt flower pin, plus a favorite giant black and white tote bag from Nordstrom that could probably swallow Nebraska if it wanted to. The patent leather and navy suede boots from Piperlime make for a kicky finish. I've worn this to the office and can honestly say it's a comfortable way to face the workday, as well as spend that extra-long lunch to avoid doing that pesky TPS report and enjoying a pumpkin spice latte.
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  1. I love everything about this outfit. The felt flower pin is such a sweet touch.

  2. Love the combination of the cozy knits and the powerful color of that skirt.


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