If I could save time in a bottle.... EVERYONE SING!  I admit to having an at-times unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, going through pin-binges, collecting scads of ideas for projects I'll probably NEVER do. You know what I speak of. But when I do get a bee in my bonnet to make something, it's usually because I have miscellaneous crafty supplies that need a special purose! Case in point: one random, tiny glass bottle.


"...There is no finish line with depression, anxiety, or any other sort of mental illness. We're on this path, and the path is constantly changing. Sometimes it's flat and well-marked, and we can see all the way to the horizon. Other times, it's so heavily shrouded in fog and mist, we can't even see past our fingertips and we need someone to show us where the path is." This beautifully written quote is by someone who was recently playing a round of Magic: The Gathering with actor Wil Wheaton, as fully described in one of Wheaton's latest posts.  I know, you're thinking, what the hell is up with this nerdy stuff? Putting it simply, for all the doctors and specialists we talk to about mental illness and its daily struggles, the most comfort we receive is so often from a fellow sufferer. I am one of the many who struggle with depression and anxiety, and I offer hope and encouragement to others that they are not alone in this daily fight, and they are in very good, esteemed company 


I apologize for the maudlin post, but I looked at the date, August 19th, and I think it will be a while before it can be just another day in summer.  It was a year ago, to the day, that we said goodbye to our sweet, darling pup, Indy. As sad a day as it was, it was one of the most special days we could have hoped for -- we made it a Day of All the Favorite Things. We took her to her favorite places, she ate whatever she wanted, she saw as many of her favorite people as possible, and when it was time to say goodbye, she never left our arms, quietly passing away in our home, in her own bed.