Hear that rumble in the distance? It's the Year of the Horse, galloping towards us! Even if you don't celebrate Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year (which is this week), it's still fun to read what your astrological sign is on the paper placemats in so many Chinese restaurants. It's the Year of the Horse (1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014), which is quite an elegant and strong symbol to put you in a fashionable Mood. If it's your year, extra lucky wishes to you, and for the rest of us, there's no reason we can't celebrate in style and wear a brilliant crimson hue, to keep the bad luck away!

I've heard different stories about the color red. It's typically associated with luck, but I've also heard it's a color that specifically attracts evil spirits, so that they won't bother you. Which would be problematic if you're head-to-toe in red. But I like to go with the "red is a lucky color" saying, because hey, it's rather fetching. And equestrian-themed clothing and accessories are always stylish. Decorative buckles and bits, a bit of rustic charm, it keeps a look from being too precious.  

These are the lovely items that caught the Magpie's eye from their color, the equine theme, or a bit of both. Let this be a reminder to throw on a bit of red this week as we officially enter into a new lunar year -- we can all do with a bit of luck, and we've got the lucky horseshoes to prove it. {1} Stretch jersey print dress in red and black by Roberto Cavalli, {2} Silver horse necklace by Origami Jewelry, {3} Horses Scarf by Anna Coroneo, {4} Rubied Dusk Dress by Rina Dhaka, {5} Shelter Island Satchel by Marc by Marc Jacobs, {6} Sharifac Perforated Suede Flat by Manolo Blahnik, {7} Horse Head Ring by Chloe, {8} Rally Zip Off Coat by Rag and Bone

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from stores listed

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