Summer can feel a little stressful. Travel plans! Throwing the perfect summer party! Bathing suit shopping! Blech. Frankly, whoever made those must-do's for summer can have that list and keep it to themselves. We can still enjoy and appreciate the season accordingly, but with easy-breezy ease. 
I think a list for summer should be full of simple pleasures. You're not hunting around for some fashionable piece of apparel that you'll regret wearing this time next year and there's no anxiety over not living the season to the fullest, wondering if you should be on some faraway tropical beach. Not that being on a beach is a bad thing, if one happens to be close by. But don't go out of your way to track one down -- as the sun sets on a warm day, there's no greater relaxation than walking barefoot on some cool, green grass (check for dog poop), watching the sky change color as the day slips away. And our wardrobe needs adventure, too. Everyone has at least one fun pair of summer shorts or a flowy skirt or dress that is impossible to wear at any other time of the year. Drag that stuff out of storage and take Casual Friday to the tropics, or be a rebel and wear a sundress on Monday. 

In short, for summer, do all the simple little things and pleasantries you can't do when it's rainy and cold. It's the best way to celebrate the season that encourages relaxation.

Jaunty Fine Print: stress-free summer list by Denise Sakaki

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  1. I am really looking forward to picnics in the warm Seattle sun! I guess not until at least July 4th, right? I wish it came a little earlier like the rest of the US, but I think that's why we appreciate summer weather here so much.


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