Tis the season for outdoor cooking! We dusted off the backyard grill a while back and have been cooking outside more -- and it doesn't even have to be perfect weather. Not that it's ever stopped a Pacific Northwesterner -- we've even been known to grill in the snow! It's true that everything just tastes better when you eat it outside, especially on a nice day. So to inspire us for this summer, the Bird is going to put you in a Jaunty Grilling Mood. 
I'm forever amused and delighted by the ingenuity and cleverness that goes into outdoor grilling and picnic gear. It can be as simple as figuring out a way to keep your plates and wine glasses upright while sitting on the grass, or as elaborate as a sleek, modern grill that folds up against your wall when you're done. And sometimes it's as sweetly whimsical as an old-timey striped paper straw to sip your lemonade from on a hot summer day. There's no lack of outdoor entertainment inspiration out there, and it appeals to all interests, whether you want to set a pretty table or be the cool kid with all the fun gadgets. As for myself, I'm seriously considering those foldable silicone wine glasses -- accidents do happen, but no reason to break a wine glass over it!

To inspire your next Jaunty outdoor grilling day: {1} Sigmafocus barbecue, {2} Bamboo wine table, {3} Wine glass holder, {4} Red Anchor plate, {5} Travel Chef BBQ set, {6} Areaware Star Spangled Spatula, {7} Silicone wine glasses, {8} Red and White paper straws     

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos from shops listed above

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