Don't even THINK about walking out the door in those clunky rain boots! And don't get me started on all the Uggs I see people still wearing. It's summer, and even your feet deserve a wardrobe refresher. Time for some Jaunty suggestions to dress your feet fashionably and even (gasp) comfortably!
I think summer footwear should reflect the season -- relaxed, a little more laid-back, but still pretty. While I've got nothing against heels, summer is also the season for weddings, outdoor parties and graduation ceremonies al fresco, all of which are not conducive to a stiletto heel. You can be a slave to high-heeled fashion and just walk around on your tippy-toes all day, getting a monster calf workout, or you can consider some of these summertime options that are lawn and beach-friendly. I picked out a mix of flats, low heels and wedges that could work for multiple occasions. A low espadrille flat for a casual day in the park or walking around town, ladylike peep-toes with low or wedge heels for a daytime wedding, and even a summery silver sandal dressed up in a bow, perfect for a night out on the town. 

Jaunty picks for happy summer feet: {1} Remi ribbon sandal from J. Crew, {2} Verite raffia slingbacks by Bibi Lou, {3} Delmy sandal in cherry by Dolce Vita, {4} Sally 2 wedges in chestnut and gold by Tory Burch, {5} Razia espadrille in black and white by Dolce Vita, {6} Orina Oxfords in ivory by Dolce Vita, {7} Gabrianna ankle-cuff sandal by Sam Edelman

Stow those winter shoes for a few more months and let your summer-starved toes come out and play!

Jaunty Fine Print: sandal and shoe photos from shops listed above

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