Won't you be my Sweater Sweetheart Valentine? I know, it's not Valentine's Day anymore, but now that the flowers have wilted, the chocolate has been eaten (and regretted), where does that lovin' feeling go? How about something that's calorie-free and isn't shedding petals every ten seconds. I used to love patterned sweaters as a kid. Big shapes and patterns incorporated into the knitted weave -- loved 'em. And it wasn't even the Dr. Huxtable/insane pattern sweaters, I liked the simple, childish shapes of big hearts, stars and flowers, and I'm happy to say my childhood love has finally come 'round again! I've been admiring all the cute retro-styled sweaters, as well as ones with metallic threaded patterns. The look might be a little nerdy, but despite the Valentine sweetness, we're still in winter weather. Instead of being buried in drab, dark wool coats, put a little love in your heart... or just wear it on a sweater.

Here's some sweaters that are just a real sweetheart of a find: {1} Intarsia Dog Sweater by Boy. by Band of Outsiders, {2} White Label All Over Love Lennon Sweater by Wildfox Couture, {3} Sloane Dot Cashmere Sweater by Equipment, {4} Lurex Flame sweater by Lucca Couture, {5} Spray Paint Metallic Cable Knit by Christopher Fischer, {6} ASOS Cat Sweater, {7} Collection Handknit Fair Isle Sweater in navy hickory poppy by J. Crew

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from shops listed above

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