Valentine's Day is upon us! This Bird isn't much of a stickler for the hearts n' flowers stuff -- truthfully, I have a hard time taking a greeting card-invented holiday all that seriously, but I do appreciate the sentiment. It's a good idea to recognize a special someone in our life. But what's with the red rose fever?? It's the one day of the year that the price of roses triples, and as beautiful as they are, there are so many other gorgeous flowers out there that still say "I love and appreciate you," all the same. 

I had to show off one of my favorite photos I took on a recent visit to Maui. Orchids are incredible flowers, no? Difficult to grow in colder climates, true, but what a showstopper. I haven't had the best of luck keeping these delicate beauties alive, but I do love them for their color, exotic and fluttery shape, and frankly, they give any ol' rose a run for its money! So as you're considering heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and wondering if that bouquet of roses is worth the holiday upcharge, take a stroll outside the Valentine's Day box and consider a living plant, something a recipient can enjoy and care for, much like a beloved relationship. 

The Birdy wishes you all a very happy Valentine's Day -- you don't need a sweetheart to feel loved and appreciated, and don't be shy about letting someone else know they are loved and appreciated.    

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo by Denise Sakaki

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