We're technically still in the dearth of winter, but my Jaunty gaze can't help but wander towards pastel hues of Spring. Mint is one of the smartest colors I can think of. It's downright clever. A touch of seafoam, a hint of emerald, just a kiss of cream -- the range of mint green has more variety than you'd think

And it's not just destined for Easter candies, it's gorgeously wearable and has that perfect balance of sweetness and prep. Worn as large, all-over pieces like a blouse or jacket, it's good to pick a shade of mint that won't wash out your skin tone. I've tried on beautiful mint overcoats and they turned me into Casper the Unfashionable Ghost -- back on the hanger those went. I do have a rich minty-emerald pair of pants that I love-love-love, and wearing it on the bottom half helps keep the color from clashing with skin tone and still makes an outfit oh-so-smart.  

And mint accessories are the cat's pajamas (a saying I love as much as the color mint) -- gorgeous in jewelry form, it keeps a handbag looking fresh, and lightens the look of a large tote, which can sometimes drag you down in darker colors. Makeup is also a nice non-committal way to freshen up a look. It's a beautiful color on nails, just consider putting down an undercoat of opaque white, so that the minty hue can really stand out. I admit, the whole inspiration of this Minty Mood was a pair of mint loafers with silver tips by Dolce Vita. I'm completely in love with those shoes and it's on my wish list for spring. With a little luck, I'll give myself the retail nudge and get them when a treat-yo-self-worthy moment arrives, but until then, I'll find my calm in a sea of minty green...

Freshen up your wardrobe with a taste of mint: {1} leather double wrap turnlock bracelet by Coach, {2} Stila eye shadow in Cha Cha, {3} Sincerely mint dress by ModCloth, {4} dipped mint hobo by Holding Horses, {5} Lunna by DV by Dolce Vita, {6} mint chiffon studded collar high-low blouse by Romeo and Juliet Couture, {7} marquis mint chrysoprase with diamond ring by Irene Neuwirth, {8} Fiver opaque icy mint by Butter LONDON, {9} mint lambskin biker jacket by Balmain, {10} Hanovar scarf by Diane von Furstenberg, {11} Riot color block crossbody bag by Steve Madden 

Jaunty Fine Print: Images from shops listed above

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