The Birdy can credit Pinterest for helping me find this lovely blogger, Glamor Guru -- I loved this outfit, from the red boots to the schoolboy blazer. I have a blazer very similar from J. Crew and I was looking to be Inspired over how to wear it and not look like a stewardess -- inspiration found! I love what a total mix-tape of looks this is, total preppy-rocker-cowgirl in all the best ways. Especially with the boots and jeans; usually I wear these short foldover boots with shorts or a skirt, but a tall cuff on a slim pant totally works. I'm also using this as an open letter to the Pacific Northwest's summer weather to make. up. its. damn. mind. For reals!! I'm picking out fall-appropriate outfits in June!

Anyways, weather gripes aside, at least I have something fun to wear. From the Jaunty Wardrobe: schoolboy blazer from J. Crew, printed top from Macys, jeans from Old Navy, foldover short boots from JC Penney, black satin handbag was a gift.

Jaunty Fine Print: photo from Glamor Guru, Jaunty Wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki


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