It isn't so much a post about 80s style making a comeback, but the Bird coming to terms with love/hate trends. The thing is, I LOVED all the 80s wonderfulness with bright pink and yellow neon, I thought gold jewelry was super-classy like on Dynasty episodes, cassette tapes were wizard science, the Robert Palmer Addicted to Love models were the epitome of beauty, and all was right with the world if one was covered head to toe in denim. And then I shook the crazy from my Bird-brain and vowed to never go back into the plastic dream that was the 80s.

But what trend studies say is true: what's old is new again, and somehow we find it in our style-hearts to forgive past trends we loved, then hated, and now find it in our hearts to love again. These are modernized versions of things I thought were the cat's pajamas back in the 1980s; some aren't even so modernized (well, the iPhone case is very new), it's just a different way of wearing pieces that find them a new place in our wardrobes of today. Behold, my, like, totally radical and Jaunty finds: {1} Riley by Melie Bianco faux leather envelope clutch in neon yellow at Nordstrom, {2} Florence Broadhurst by Kate Spade retro sunglasses at Nordstrom, {3} Workwear shirtdress from J. Crew, {4} Gold bangles, including Mini Ram Bangle from J. Crew, {5} Intrude pink patent pump by Steve Madden from Piperlime, {6} Sparkle and Fade Harness Bodycon dress in white from Urban Outfitters, {7} Silicone Cassette Tape Case cover for iPhone from Amazon  

Jaunty Fine Print: product images from shops listed above

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