Blame the candy aisle of the grocery store on this one. With Valentine's Day coming up, I was faced with an endless stream of red and pink confections that lodged themselves into the Bird Brain, including the old classic, Red Hots. The little cinnamon-flavored candies that you can often find in heart shapes during February reminded me of a pretty necklace I have. It's a long silver chain festooned with heart charms and is totally a Valentine's Day kind of accessory. It got me thinking about what to wear on a sweetheart Date Night.

Rummaging through the Jaunty Wardrobe, I pulled some simple favorites. I love a basic color block and the rule about No White After Labor Day is just a silly thing. I picked some sweet, candy-Inspired things and put this outfit together that may come out around February 14th!

From the Jaunty Wardrobe: white skirt from Macys, nude heels from BCBG, straw and ivory belt from Banana Republic; jewelry, red blouse and clutch were all gifts.

Jaunty Fine Print: photo from Martha Stewart, photos of the Jaunty Wardrobe items by Denise Sakaki

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