The Birdy wants to give everyone a hearty shot of Vitamin C, as in COLOR, lest we fall victim to the Seasonal Affective Disorder that is Winter. Seriously, the gray rainy days are a serious downer, harshing my mellow and the like, so the Bird is offering up a Mood of color and brights to warm your winter nights. But color can be a tricky customer, not everyone loves wearing it head-to-toe and even if you do wear a bright red dress, it's likely covered beneath a gray, heavy winter coat, so no one gets to enjoy it unless you're in the comfort of a well-heated room. Oh, the conundrum! What's the solution, Magpie??

Easy-peasy -- here are colorful solutions that are universal to everyone, the magic answer being accessories! It works for those who want to show a bright hue, even if they're covered in woolly winter warmth, or if you're just feeling timid about showing off that bright personality of yours. All these items are meant to go with whatever you have, worn over or designed to peek out from whatever outerwear you may be wearing. Because color, like a good, cheery mood, deserves to be shared! Let others enjoy a bright spot of orange or a bold dash of magenta. There are little details on all these items that keep them from being color-for-the-sake-of-color; smart little flourishes like interesting seam work, a little bow, or the fact that hey, you're wearing a freakin' cape! How cool is that?!

The Jauntily Technicolor collection includes: {1} Mikumi Scarf from Anthropologie, {2} Transatlantic Bag from Anthropologie, {3} Portolano teal nappa leather bow detail gloves from Bluefly, {4} Rena Lange button cape in fuschia from Neiman Marcus, {5} Ribbed Tights in Decadent Red from J. Crew, {6} Karlie Colorblock small shoulder bag in Bright Fuschia from Banana Republic, {7} Martina suede wedges in Bright Persimmon from J. Crew, {8} Juicy Couture felt riding cap in Pom Pom Red from Piperlime 

Jaunty Fine Print: images from retail shops listed above

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