Valentine's Day?! But Maggie-Pie, it's still January, have you totally lost your Bird-Brain? Let it never be said this Bird is not thinking ahead. Also, Valentine's Day really sneaks up on you -- we have the end of December and November for typical holidays, but February 14th is coming up faster than you can say, "box o' chocolates." The holiday is about as stealthy as a Cupid's Arrow being shot right into your behind, so get your tailfeathers moving, Lovebirds, and send some sweet St. Valentine notes to Special Someone's!

I was blessed in early January, by my good friend and fellow blogger, Radish and Rose, who sent me an early Valentine, a sweet stand-up paper doll card made by illustrator Brigette Barrager. This totally inspired today's post, because it was a sweet reminder that Valentines don't have to be romantic -- give a handmade or hand-picked note to a BFF, a relative, a totally awesome workmate who always buys your latte when you hit the Starbucks. We are all blessed with Special Someones, so why not send them something clever in the mail? 

So here are some Jaunty picks that I thought would fit anyone, be it friend, family or the one who is lucky enough to have your precious heart: {1} Guitar Valentine Card Kit from Paper Source, {2} Dress Shoppe, 12 Paper Doll Notecarcds by Brigette Barrager on Chronicle Books, {3} Hand-drawn Valentine cards from Creation Faeries on Etsy, {4} XOXO Robbie Robot Mini Valentine note cards by Papertivity on Etsy, {5} Love: King and Queen of Hearts stamps from US Postal Service

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from listed shops above - get those Valentine's Day notes ready!

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