This Birdie recently rewatched that 1980s classic, Pretty in Pink. Don't pretend like you don't love this movie to death. And why wouldn't you?? Stylish and booksmart Andi Walsh, having to make that totally OMG teen angst-riddled decision over who to romantically choose between -- her childhood BFF, Dale, aka Ducky, who has always loved her from afar, or the sensitive, handsome richie-rich kid, Blaine, who totally sweeps her off her feet.  I remember seeing this as a little teen chickie and feeling the pressure, wondering who she'd choose. My heart was sort of stuck on Ducky, who I felt knew her heart and soul best, but Andrew McCarthy as Blaine is pretty dreamy. In the end, I think Andie let her heart decide and the only thing I really felt disappointed over was her prom gown, which had the good intention of being made from two, like, totally rad dresses, but totally came out a boxy-looking hot mess. Girlfriend definitely stood out at the senior prom, but for all the wrong reasons, I don't care if it was the 80s.

But letting fashion bygones be bygones, the Bird got to thinking if Andi Walsh was rockin' the pretty in pink-ness today, what would she go for? She was never bubblegum sweet, nor coyly coquettish. She did a lot of unique layering of patterns, textures and styles, yet never revealing or mod. She had a granny-chic vintage style, and it put this Bird in the Mood for all things pretty and pink: {1} P.S. I Love You postcard necklace from Grigio Atelier, {2} Aphrodite's Pink Nightie shade from OPI, {3} jeweled Jardin jacket from J. Crew, {4} Laura handbag by Melie Bianco, {5} Lola solid perfume bracelet by Marc Jacobs, {6} Doyle's Desk tunic from Anthropologie, {7} feather tippet in heirloom pink from J. Crew, {8} open sweater vest from Twelve by Twelve, {9} Barbara dress and lace biker jacket by Christopher Kane, {10} Natalia paisley scarf from Banana Republic, {11}BDG corduroy ankle cigarette pant in pink from Urban Outfitters, {12} pink suede and gold leather slingback sandals by Moschino Cheap and Chic, {13} chocolate kimono pencil case from Paper Source, {14} leatherette lace-up ballet flats in butterscotch from J. Crew

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from shops and designers listed above

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