Over the holidays, this Bird was graced with a lovely gift card for J. Crew by a sweet friend, as she totally knows my Jaunty love for this store! So I got into a bit of a shopping Mood and wanted to peruse the sales and get an idea of what's available for $50 or less. Not that I have to just spend what's on the gift card, but it makes for an easier time trying to consider all the possibilities laid out before me!

After holiday sales are fantastic. I found several things that put me in a sparkly, shopping Mood that all fit within the budgetary ceiling. It's going to be a tricky time figuring out which of these will be coming home with me: {1} Sequin bouquet art tee, {2} silk tricotine hope dress in deep rose, {3} stripe sequin boatneck tee, {4} lace tulip mini, {5} chiffon rufflotta camiin orchid shadow, {6} merino studded cardigan, {7} metal-wrapped chain cuff, {8} muse tank in golden topaz, {9} dream glistening placket cardigan 

Jaunty Fine Print:  items from the J. Crew website

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  1. Ooooh, tricky! The muse tank is calling to me- such a practical (yet fluttery) piece.


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