This Bird has a great love for classic films -- especially since so many of the current movies just seem to be remakes or sequels! Watching some old favorites, the Magpie couldn't help but completely J'adore the frosty delight of the wintery meetup between Richard Harris' King Arthur and his "Ginny" Guinevere, the beautiful Vanessa Redgrave, during the title number for the musical, Camelot. Harris is both cheeky and dashing, and his legendary bride is irresistably sweet and charming. Switch gears to the David Lean directed epic, Doctor Zhivago, a love story amid revolutionary-torn Russia, between a thoughtful doctor (Omar Sharif) and his enigmatic mistress (Julie Christie).

Very different films, but both have beautiful settings for equally beautiful and tragic lovestories. I make it a point to call out the heroines of each story as Winter Queens, not because the women are cold, but that they are such commanding forces of nature, and seem almost best-suited in their luxurious fur-collared costumes. These are women in complete control over their feminine wiles and the capacity to influence those around them -- namely the fellas. They are not capricious, they love with genuine passion, and they seem driven by the fates into a place of legend. If you haven't had a chance to see either of these films, do give them a try, and make sure you have a warm winter blanket to curl up with!

Jaunty Fine Print:  images are screencaptures from films Camelot and Doctor Zhivago 

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