So, as you can tell, it's no big surprise where this Bird will be this Friday eve. (Hint, if you're not planning on going to BlogMeetBlog, CHANGE YOUR PLANS) I've had the lovely opportunity to meet event coordinator, Kam of Needle + Thread fame, during a recent Bellevue Fashion Week event, as well as many other AMAZING local bloggers and creative supergeniuses (peek-a-boo at the Magpie's links page). I'm also a fan of fellow event coordinatrix, The Clothes Horse's Rebecca, who is a fantastic source of wardrobe and cultural inspiration, and so it's no minor sentiment to say how totally jazzed this Bird is to have an opportunity meet and mingle amongst the fabulous bloggers of the Pacific Northwest!

I think BlogMeetBlog will be a really unique event. I often feel like the little outsider peering in at the fabulousness of the surrounding bloggeristas, as I'm always amazed at the influence behind singular, imaginative voices. The power of so many independent sources is both astounding and fascinating, so I strive to feel as much of a participant as I am an observer of this phenomenon. I look forward to meeting as many local bloggers/writers/artists as possible. The only challenge I'm faced with at the moment is WHAT TO WEAR. Knowing the stylish diversity and fierce fabulosity showing up at BoConcept this Friday, this Bird has her work cut out for her! Wish me luck and I can't wait to meet all you fab bloggers!

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  1. Same here! I am facing the same challenge! I am having trouble with the concept.. I usually go way to designer[ed] out for family dinners and school... then when it comes to events, i usually end up going too casual. LOL. Maybe i'll stick to "t-shirts & jeans are always in fashion" by Anna Wintour. hahaha~ See you there!

  2. Hope you blog about your fun night! Can't wait to read all about it.

  3. Argh, wish I'd met you at BlogMeetBlog- I was half tempted to walk around asking befuddled strangers "are you the Jaunty Magpie?"

    Anyway, I'm LOVING your blog (currently perusing your archives). I am usually quite fashion-challenged, so this is an awesome resource. We'll have to make sure that we meet up at another function, or heck, for coffee!


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