I have a girl-crush on actress Zooey Deschanel. There, I've said it. She's adorable! How could you not want to just put her in your pocket and take her home to have tea and scones, listening to old vinyl LPs? Along with being an indie film darling, she's been in a couple of my favorite sci-fi/genre movies: the Sci-Fi -- sorry SyFy (hate this, by the way) -- Channel steampunked Wizard of Oz, Tin Man, and the silly movie adaptation of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I know fans hated this remake, and while it's got issues, I thought casting her as Trillian made it easier to watch. Plus I loved the opening musical number. No, no, dolphins -- thank you. And you're welcome for all the fish.

I enjoyed seeing her as one of The Fabric of My Life spokespeople for Cotton's latest celeb-dotted campaign. Her online stylebook is cute as a bug's ear. The television ads had music from her CD, She & Him playing in the background. I received this as a gift from Mr. Magpie. Call it a celebrity indulgence album if you must, but I thought it was a nifty gifty, as I love the low-fi sound and the sweetly earnest lyrics.

Zooey's twee sensibilities helped Inspire this home wardrobe-shopped look of a cotton-fabric-of-our-lives floral applique dress (Romy), gray knitted shrug (Macys..?), rust-colored tights (Alloy), and my very favorite kimono-print, chain/buckle detail flats from Steve Madden. The earrings are vintage clip-ons, carved from ivory from my grandmother's collection; I believe they're shaped to resemble the pikake flower, found in Hawaii. While the InStyle photos of my celebrity style muse's red Isaac Mizrahi dress and white Luella dress isn't exactly like what's shown on the right, I'd like to believe Zooey would approve of this Magpie closet mashup.

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  1. I LOVE this outfit. Adorable Zoey and she is always an inspiration.

  2. Oh Zooey and her ways, charming everyone! honestly :) love your outfit that you've put together!


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