No surprise -- this Magpie loves shiny stuff! This latest collection of goods that tickled my Fancy was gathered at a secondhand store. While I love perusing the aisles with jackets, accessories and dresses to try and discover a hidden treasure, the kitchen section of housewares is often a sure bet.

Sets of mismatched glassware is always a charming thing and this latest perusal of the aisles had me in the baking section, gathering up all the swingtop glass jars I could find and getting drawn into the piles of old decorative baking molds to choose from. Whether they're hung on the wall or used to make lovely little cakes (or yes, Jello), these are adorable items that double as sweet gift presentations. I chose several that had pretty shapes, but deep enough to hold something like fresh-baked cookies. At the risk of giving away holiday gift secrets, this Bird is already in seasonal mode, collecting recipes and looking at unique ways to package treats and make handmade gifts.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos by Denise Sakaki

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