It really must be the chill of winter nearly upon us, but the Magpie has been busy with projects to fluff the feathers of her nest these days, so keep an eye out for more Jaunty J'Adore craft and home projects in the coming weeks!

They say one should surround oneself with the things that inspire them or by objects of affection -- what better items of sentiment than notes and postcards? This Bird has said it before that there is no greater ray of sunshine on a person's day than mailing a handwritten note to a loved one. That said, I know I totally owe several people some notes, so I probably better get going when I'm done with this post!

But one of the recent mini-projects I did was to dress up a dresser, or rather the plain mirror hanging above our dresser (repurposed from a bathroom, funnily enough), with collected ephemera over the years, including postcards from afar, photos of friends' children, and funny little odds and ends like a sushi-shaped air freshener. No, I don't know if it smells like a salmon skin roll, I never got the guts to open up the package and check. Sure, it's cluttered looking, it's got the look of a burgeoning career as a serial stalker, but every item means something to Mr. Magpie and myself. And it makes the bedroom feel a little more personalized, even if it raids our supply of wooden clothespins. I know our home will never make it into an interior design magazine, but that's fine by me, if it means I can keep the meaningful things closer and make our home-sweet-home that much sweeter.

Jaunty Fine Print:   photos by Denise Sakaki

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