You know you have a nook in your jewelry drawer that's got an orphanage of lonely earrings, broken necklaces and bracelets, and other little gems that are unwearable by choice or broken parts. And by nook, I'm sure it means it's a tangled mass of necklace chains, bangles and broken clips. Again, harkening to this Bird's hoarding tendencies, I never throw anything out, including these broken baubles, so I set my intention towards giving these gems a Special Purpose. I took a weekend to whip out the ol' set of needle nose pliers, which could easily be misconstrued as my own private Midnight Express torture chamber, but fear not. It's for jewelry making and repair only. Pinky swearsies. 

I think it's good to take stock of one's junk pile of broken jewelry, which is to say dump everything onto a table to see what's there and what's really salvageable, because really -- you know most of it should probably just get hucked into the trash. I like earrings because they can make for great charms, which is what I did for this piece pictured above. I don't have pierced ears -- don't ask why, I'm just a strange Bird -- but I convert my earrings with little clip-on thingies. They're not the strongest attachments, so I do lose earrings somewhat often. The chandelier style earring already looks like a necklace charm, so I decided to make a ribboned brooch out of it and layered some chains from my box of jewelry supplies. I've been on a ribbon craze lately, adding it to jewelry and other projects since it's such an easy flourish to tack on.

Again, this reveals my cards for holiday gifts this year, but I don't care. I'm enjoying being crafty and want to share these random attacks of craftiness with all.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photo by Denise Sakaki

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