A starlet whose style has caught the Bird's eye over the years is Keira Knightley's. She could be wearing some overly-glammed up dress, bedecked with jewels and wearing big hair that takes way too long to style, but she doesn't. Her choices are always smart and sartorial, appearing like that one girl you went to school with who would go to silent film festivals, could speak French beautifully, and would always offer half her cucumber and herbed goat cheese sandwich to you. Unlike Sienna Miller, whose style I also admire, but I'm fairly sure she'd be like the girl who'd have her minions shove you in a locker if you even looked at her for longer than ten seconds. I may be wrong about this, but that's just my initial impression.

Anyhoo, this Inspired look raises a Jaunty glass to Ms Knightley and her wily style choices. The menswear and multi-accessoried look pulled from the Jaunty Wardrobe include: black blazer from Benetton, printed knit dress from GoJane, hat from a shop in Ballard that I can't remember the name of, brown Oxfords from Steve Madden, and accessories and handbag are all gifts or vintage.

Jaunty Fine Print:  wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki, photo of Keira Knightley from InStyle.com

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  1. Hi, I think your hat is from http://www.ballardhomecomforts.com/

    Great shop! Radish


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