Magpie... Jaunty Magpie. A recent rewatching of some James Bond favorites got this Bird thinking, if 007 were to be restyled as a female secret agent, what would an outfit look like? You want to be one part smooth operator, but not just look like a gal in a tuxedo. I wanted to create an outfit from the Jaunty Wardrobe that was Inspired by the spirit of James Bond, but not just look like a sidekick Bond Girl. While there's no room to stow a Walther PPK, I could at least carry a spare lipstick in a little snakeskin clutch, so really, that's all that matters, right? 

For this double-o-mashup, I grabbed my favorite sparkly sequined tank from Express, grey shorts from Macys and blue suede and patent leather booties from Piperlime. The jewelry and clutch were gifts that seemed to fit with this oh-so-groovy look.   

Jaunty Fine Print:  Jaunty Wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki, James Bond photo from imdb.com

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