Halloween is just around the corner and it got this Birdy's imagination going... what if vampires were real? No, not the kids who wear white face paint, wear long cloaks and lace corsets and moan about the tragedy of human existence -- Goths, not to burst your gothy-bubble, but no, you're not really a member of the undead legion. I'm talking if a vampire really did exist, and more specifically, if the vampire were a female, how would she style herself in these hyper-modern times? I sort of imagined her wardrobe to be a mix of classic pieces with a little modern, gothic touches. In accessories and makeup, that's where a touch of the sublime would live, a decaying sense of time wrapped (or trapped) in something beautiful. No crystal-studded skulls, overt symbols of vampire lore, not even a black cape. Instead, this modern day vampire style queen would glide through the evenings, through candlelit restaurants and late night lounges, dressed in finery that's understated, but with hints of a bold, reckless past. A little rockstar, old world vintage, and a sense of an empire long gone. Something about the Witching Hour that puts this Magpie in a vampy Mood...

Selected pieces include: {1} Pinstripe Floral Tight at Urban Outfitters, {2} Gunmetal Emerald Cocktail  Ring by Kenneth Jay Lane, at Thomas Lane, {3} Satin Streamer Dress by Alexander Wang, at Neiman Marcus, {4} Bow-Back Over-the-Knee boot by Valentino, at Bergdorf Goodman, {5} Cape Sleeve Velvet Dress by Giorgio Armani, at Bergdorf Goodman, {6} Peacock Eyelashes by PAPERSELF at Sephora, {7} The Black Palatte by Urban Decay at Sephora, {8} Purple with a Purpose from Opi, {9} Painted Love lipstick by Kat Von D for Sephora, {10} Rhinestone Bib Necklace from Neiman Marcus, {11} Mesh and Suede Platform Bootie by Jimmy Choo, at Neiman Marcus

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos taken from shops listed above

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