It's exciting when bloggers take their passions and blogs to the next level, which can mean any number of things. Blogs are just virtual extensions of ourselves and our best intentions to remedy a world that can seem laden with same-ness. So it's inspiring when someone like Rachel Kim takes her popular fashion blog VueSociety, and reworks it as a unique resource for style advice, trend reports as well as the fashion itself! She recently launched her new site with an online shop full of designers like Boulee, Again and StyleStalker, that are a little tougher to find in the States. The overall style is modern, urban chic. There are fun and edgy statement pieces mixed with everyday staples. She carefully curates her collection, changing them out regularly, so it's good to check back often to see what's new. She's an example of the entrepreneurial spirit that ultimately drives bloggers towards personal success and satisfaction, because really, isn't it everyone's dream to just do what we love? 

Rachel is also making sure her online store is fashion with a purpose -- she's partnered with the Bellevue non-profit organization, Washington Women In Need, donating a proceed of her sales. It's a way of being involved in the community at home while being a stylish force in the virtual world. 

If you're in the area, mark your calendars, as VueSociety will be involved in the Thread Show on Oct 23rd and the Holiday Bazaar at the Bellevue Club on Nov 5th.  

If you just want to go shopping (and who doesn't?), head over to VueSociety and start browsing! I really liked these pieces in particular, but bear in mind, it's like your favorite little boutique shop around the corner, so if you like something, get it now, as it may not be there in a few days! Items featured: {1} dress by Ashby Again Apparel, {2} Staircase Print Leggings, {3} Black Bubble Top, {4} Street Again Apparel, {5} Glam Bangles Set 

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos from VueSociety online store

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