Hey, Magpie, no need to get graphic on us! Well, maybe just a little. In my emo high school days, I plead guilty to being swathed in dark knits and shapeless sweaters that made me into garbage bag with legs, but after my aunt once said upon looking at my closet, "Jeeze, this looks like a man's closet - where are the colors and prints," I decided -- it's time for a change, methinks.

I've always appreciated bright colors and patterns, but never felt like it would work for me, but I eventually got over this silly-bird notion and embraced all the colorful fruit-flavors of the rainbow. Even in small doses like a scarf or a small accessory, bold graphic prints can still be the Mouse that Roared, making an outfit stand out. Seeing the lovely, fitted graphic print dress by Jason Wu Inspired this Magpie to come up with something that had some printed elements, but a shot of color as this is still summer, after all.

From the Jaunty Wardobe: printed short sleeve jacket by Mossimo, magenta pencil skirt from JCPenney, white and raffia texture belt from Banana Republic, silver sandals by Tommy Hilfiger, white undershirt from Old Navy, brown faux leather handbag from Newport News, silver pendant from Tiffany and Co., blue beaded ring by The Carrot Box.

Jaunty Fine Print: photo from Elle.com of the Jason Wu Spring 2010 collection; wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki

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