The blustery days of fall are upon us, but this Bird doesn't believe bright hues are meant only for summer - keep a bright Mood in rotation year round. But always in mindful doses! Remember getting that brand-new box of crayons when you were a wee little one? You dove right in, grabbing the brightest colors and using them down to a waxy nub. You didn’t color within the lines, you made Mark Rothko pages of pure hue. It wasn’t until later when you realized a solid block of bright color can lose its impact. Sometimes just a small hint of turquoise or a splash of yellow will speak volumes.

Much like the indulgence of candy, little bites are just right. A chunky ring that looks like a glossy gumball, a shocking swipe of pink peeking out from a pedicure, a statement clutch or handbag made even more prominent against an elegantly neutral outfit. A wise choice of accessories can reflect both smart style as well as an easy way to introduce bold colors to those a little timid to make the commitment with a wardrobe item.

All these items that caught the style Magpie’s eye are beautiful pieces meant to perform a solo act, plus they are small enough hints of color that can be taken into the chill of fall and winter, when a little bit of brightness will be a welcome sign.

{1} A.R. Trapp troubadour sunglasses in taupe from J. Crew, {2} Caribbean Colors Ultra Fine Point Permanent Market Collection from Sharpie, {3} Full-Blooded Raspberry watch from Swatch, {4} Orange floral cotton-silk scarf from Pucci on Bluefly, {5} Turquoise Rachel Leigh Bow Bracelet from Nordstrom, {6} Pink Balancing Act Ring from Anthropologie, {7} Book of the Month Clutch from Kate Spade, {8} Digital Diva Collection by OPI from Sephora, 9} Pistachio Suede Licorice Pump from Kate Spade on Piperlime, {10} Tasha Mixed Knot Head Wrap on from Nordstrom, {11} Totally Turnlock Percy Crossbody Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs on Piperlime

Jaunty Fine Print: photo collage by Denise Sakaki, image credits listed above

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  1. I agree. Someone mentioned to me the other day that those nude heels I wanted to buy are not appropriate for winter. Whyever NOT?! Rules are made to be broken.

  2. Totally! And the nude heels I bought last year I use more in cooler months, mostly because they're patent leather (easy to clean!) and totally neutral, so it goes w/ everything!

  3. Nude heels are the equivalent of a LBD in the shoe world. Whoever told you they are not appropriate for winter is mistaken!


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