Back to school, back to school -- remember those days of picking out new folders and boxes of fresh No. 2 pencils? And then putting together the outfit you would wear for that first day, mixed with the angst of wanting to make a good impression, but not look like you're trying too hard? Although we all would walk into the classroom looking like a shiny, brand-new dime.
The Jaunty Schoolbird got flashbacks thinking about those days and was taken over by a Mood of first day of school jitters and the nebulous hipster look that can really only be described as just that -- hipster. A mix of vintage finds like a rust-dotted pencil case, leather brogues, a love of Moleskine and Pee-Chee, antique-style blouses with stovetop jeans, and a nod to Bohemia with a colorful scarf. More than anything else, this Bird was most likely taken by the soft tailoring of Ellen Page's look in the movie Inception. Adorable scarf-as-necklace polish, and a name like Ariadne -- can't get any more hipster-chic than that.

This hipster back-to-school Mood includes: {1} Applespice maple wood pendant from Natural at the Heart, {2} Swash Merry-go-Round scarf in green from Barneys, {3} Ellen Page as Ariadne in the movie, Inception, {4} Moleskine lime green daily planner and {5} Keep Calm and Carry On date book from Paper Source, {6} Camden studded leather brogues in saltwater grey from J. Crew, {7} Two Worlds tee from Anthropologie, {8} Vintage Mars Staedtler pencil box from Wolf House, {9} Sargeant jacket by Free People at Nordstrom, {10} Saddlery Sophie cross-body bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs at Piperlime, {11} Pee-Chee ColorTalk folders by Mead, {12} Covent Garden Jacket by Anthropologie

Jaunty Fine Print:  photo credits noted above, Mood collage by Denise Sakaki

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