Discovering beautiful, interesting art is like unearthing a treasure. Not that the artist was hidden, but sadly, in this lifetime, we'll never be able to see all the beautiful things we would like to see. So I hope that sharing the work of Diane A. Archer will feel like a Jaunty introduction for some to a wonderful new discovery. Diane was another artist I met at this year's Artsfair, the downtown Bellevue celebration of independent artists, which happens every summer for a whole weekend. I've always had a love of mixed media, and Diane's work is really engaging and tactile. I picked up one of her prints, as it felt like art with a message. She uses old maps, layered type and unusual objects to convey messages about inner strength, adversity and the connection between man and nature. The messages are both personal but universal. They certainly came from a private place in the artist's heart, but the language is something we all connect to, in one way or another. 

Jaunty Fine Print:  artwork by Diane A. Archer

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