This Bird mentioned before that she went to this year's Artsfair and met some of the artists who showed at the annual festival -- Cori Dantini is one of the talented creatives I had the pleasure of chatting with. I also picked up a few prints of her absolutely lovely mixed media illustrations. Her work is a bit like looking at a grown-up nursery rhyme. The illustrations are sweet and feminine, but there's a layered edge, with handwritten notes or printed words ghosted from behind, as well as her own lyrical messages layered into the piece. I had a chance to talk to Cori and she said she has a wide collection of unusual found papers, like grocery lists, professional notes, items that were written for a brief purpose in time, now immortalized in works of art that redefine what that fleeting moment was. 

People were getting pieces for children's rooms or just for themselves; her appeal is universal. The pieces I chose will be for some sweet friends and family who have little girls, because Cori's work is so much about inner beauty, and that's a good lesson for little girls to carry with them. Do take a look at Cori's work -- she's from Eastern Washington, so very much a local artist, if you're in the Pacific Northwest. Even if you're not from this area, her work is fabulous -- it's even been on a Kleenix box!!

Jaunty Fine Print:  artwork by Cori Dantini

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