Just like showing up late to the Pinterest party, this Bird is also fashionably tardy to the Instagram soiree as well. But I had a good excuse -- I just got a new phone that could finally do all this neat stuff that all the cool kids were already doing. And of course, like any new toy, I'm totally OBSESSED with the latest doo-dad's and whatchamacallits. So, yes, my latest object of J'adore is taking borderline interesting pictures from my phone and making them Instagram-tastic, with a wide variety of filters and funky frames. I do appreciate that it's not total magic -- if you took a lousy photo, it's just going to put a funky frame and filter on a lousy photo, not necessarily make it better. I tested it out on some outdoor shots at the recent Railroad Days celebration in the city of Snoqualmie, where the vintage fire trucks and old spooky railroad cards lent themselves well to the filters.

Because it's just a phone app, I can't provide a link for web users, but if you want to track me down in the application, my username is: dsakaki. Looking forward to seeing you on the Instagram pictoral landscape!

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos by Denise Sakaki

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