Even the rainy Pacific Northwest has a few days where the sun makes up for its long winter absences, and it does so in spades. Something about summer can bring out the little kid inside of us, reminders of carefree days. A short, above-the-knee A-line skirt can still be worn girlish without being overt, while baring the legs to a stray, hopeful breeze. A simple solid-colored top can balance out a stronger print below. A wide belt can cinch the waist to strengthen the silhouette, plus some thoughtful accessories and a straw handbag should be kept handy to keep some change for a mint chip ice cream cone. Cork wedges with a bit of embellishment help the toes feel special. Cynthia Rowley and Vena Cava's 2010 Resort Collections are the inspirations behind the rummage through the Jaunty Magpie's own closet for the outfit that seeks to stay enchanted under a hot summer spell.
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  1. This is a cute outfit for going to a weekend movie and dinner at Med. Grill. Then some ice cream at Molly Moon's. I am there.


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