This little birdie was wilting from the heat this weekend! I sought shelter in a retail haven, visiting an outlet mall with some fellow birds. It's no secret that I have a deep abiding love for J. Crew, and I have an outright passion for their outlet stores, which always have bargain gems, ripe for the picking.

I was keen on finding some of their soft t-shirts with the lovely vintage prints. They have such character and are easy year-round staples that can go from hot to cold weather while still looking smart. The printed tissue tees shown below the main photo are some of the newer ones, but I was looking for the foil-printed styles I'd seen a while back in the stores. Being true to my Magpie self, I found a couple of sparkling eye-catchers at the outlet store. The bee pollen-yellow tee with the silver foil was particularly endearing, since it's a little ad for an art supply store. The cream-colored tee with the motorcycle print and clear sequins were just the right notes of fun and light-heartedness that J. Crew always manages to exemplify in their pieces. Plus, I know if I lose one of those clear sequins, it won't be obviously missed!

Thanks to J. Crew Aficionada for keeping us Crew-fans up to date on the latest news and seasonal releases!
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  1. Where did you find the sequin one with the bike/motorcyle on it? It's the one on the right in your photo.

  2. I found it at an outlet mall north of Seattle, so unfortunately I don't think all outlet stores will have the same item. But if you have a J.Crew outlet store close by, call and ask if they have the tees there; I'm sure they would know from the basic description if they have it available. Good luck!

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  4. Thanks for the tip! I went over there this weekend and picked up the navy crab and white postcard t-shirts. I wished I had bought the fireball necklace, since it was only $19 at the outlet and $55 at the retail store! DOH.


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