Without giving away any major spoilers, this Bird was taken over by a sparkly Mood after seeing Sex and the City 2. The long-awaited sequel was just what the doctor ordered to add a couture kick in this Jaunty one's step! I wasn't sure if the adventures of our favorite girlfriends would translate into another sparkling city so far away from NYC, but the faraway, exotic beauty of Abu Dhabi was amazing and really felt like a little virtual vacation for a couple of hours, minus the sinking of stilettos in sand dunes.

I don't know if it was intentional, but I got a distinct Wizard of Oz feeling -- Carrie with the sparkly heels and ruby-red Louboutin underside, the appearance of not just many Friends of Dorothy but the one and only daughter of Dorothy, Carrie's exclamation of their not being in Kansas anymore upon arrival to their amazing hotel, and the simple lesson that in the end, there truly is no place like home.

So SATC fans, did the movie deliver? Did you feel like they brought the L-O-V-E? This Bird was just glad they answered the biggest question left hanging from the first movie, which was What the heck happened to that amazing penthouse apartment??

Sparkly things that caught this Magpie's eye include: {1} smoky quartz ring from Buy.com, {2} Marchesa's beaded chiffon caftan from Neiman Marcus, {3} Kate Spade's Raffia bracelet from Piperlime, {4} M Missoni's painterly patchwork caftan from Bergdorf Goodman, {5} Paloma's Marrakesh tassel pendant from Tiffany & Co., {6} Moroccan tea glasses from Sheherazade, {7} Sergio Rossi grey fish scale sandals from Bluefly, {8} white Moroccan leather pouf from Serena and Lily, {9} Missoni floral silk scarf from Zappos, {10} Christian Louboutin glitter pump from Bergdorf Goodman

Jaunty Fine Print: photo collage by Denise Sakaki, images from sites noted

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  1. I had so much fun seeing this movie. I know there has been a lot of negative response to it but I think people take it all a little too seriously. It's a guilty pleasure and I am pretty sure that I would love watching a movie about those 4 ladies doing pretty much anything. And YES, I too was dying to see what happened with the penthouse... and why AIDEN was in the preview!!!

    love this post, and I am a huge fan of that leather pouf up there... great find!


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