I know I've said it before, but I can't stress how fortunate I feel to have such thoughtful, generous-hearted friends who know how to give fantastic gifts. So this post's for you, for all the friends of the Magpie. I wanted to showcase some of the sweet things friends recently gifted a couple of months ago, when this Bird got older, not necessarily wiser. Ba-dum-bump -- thank you Ladies and Germs, I'll be here all week!

My friend Renee gave me these amazing hand-blown glasses by a local artist who sells his fragile wares at the Issaquah farmers market -- I believe she said his name is Chico. Which immediately makes me think of Chicos the store, and that makes me wonder, does he have weird sizing numbers and sell really crazy clothing and big jewelry? Another dear friend, Miss Anne, the Angry Peanut -- don't ask why she has this nickname, it would require the need for a whole new post -- who gave me a little Kokopelli figurine as a reminder of our days in Arizona, where we met at college, discovered our profound obsessive love of the show X-Files, and have continued our BFF-ness ever since. The totally adorable vintage creamer that looks like a singing cow is from superpal and blogger compadre, Miss Radish and Rose, putting the "rad" in "radish." She and I have a love of sadly cancelled TV shows, one of them being Wonderfalls, this total gem of a TV series by the same brilliant mind behind another fabulous but cancelled show, Pushing Daisies. Wonderfalls was about a surly girl who works in a souvenir shop and all these objects in the store start advising her to do random crazy stuff that result in good things. Prophet or schizophrenic entertainment? Who cares. The show was adorable and it featured a Limoge cow creamer that had the best advice I've heard all week, which was: "Have a pancake." If that's the voice of God talking, sign me up.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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