Happy Jaunty June everyone! Can you believe we're nearly halfway through the year? It only seems like yesterday that we rang in 2010 and it's nearly middle-aged! After the month of June, this year will literally be over the hill. Nearing the halfway point made me think of the ongoing Project 365 that I'm still plugging along with, taking at least one photo a day, however boring or mundane, and posting it up for the world to see on my Flickr account.

I think the project has been a good exercise in making it a point to find one interesting detail about the day. It can't be swashbuckling adventures every single day, so taking the time to slow down can be a good thing, to watch the flutter of a leaf in the wind, the way light falls on a favorite object, or just a snapshot of whatever tasty goodness is on the dinner plate.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki, from my Flickr page

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  1. This project is such a great idea! I always regret years later that I never took "everyday" pictures. As an example, I own no pictures of myself from age 13 until 18 (except my class photos) and most of the pictures of people I hung out with back then are mainly taken during some kind of a special occasion, when people often act and dress very differently from the everyday. This project seems not just a great way to practice photography, find something wonderful in everyday, but it also is a great way to preserve the normal life for years to come. :)


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