One of my favorite Jaunty shops to browse in for gift ideas is the Bellevue Arts Museum store, as they have a lot of unique finds, many by local artists. They recently had an event where Museum members were invited to sip bubbly, nibble of chocolates and shop with the benefit of a nice discount. I was too busy snapping up photos to snap up deals, but my Jaunty shutterbug eye nabbed a few favorites.

The unique paper shoes were of course beautiful, as were the delicate glass sea urchin vases, but I often gravitate towards cards when I'm at Jaunty shops. I think letter writing is sadly becoming a lost art, but when there are still paper artists making handmade cards that look like little dancing dolls, or stitched shapes cut from beautiful paper, how could someone not want to send a special note or three? Even if the most beautiful of baubles are too much for one's pocketbook, a beautiful card with a handwritten note can be both priceless and affordable. It's a small object that's easily kept and treasured, slipped away in a box of keepsakes for someone to find later and be reminded of such a loving gesture. I know Mother's Day was just last week, but maybe we don't need an official reason to send a note to someone in the mail. Sometimes the best gifts are the little kind thoughts that are sent without reason.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki, courtesy of the Bellevue Arts Museum shop

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