I don't often have dreamy Jaunty thoughts of Crate and Barrel, but I saw these little gems on their mod offshoot, CB2 and kind of fell in love with these. Because everything's cool and modern when you basically redo your same company name in an overly-simplified manner. Hah.

In a perfect world where I have the budget to redecorate to my Jaunty heart's desire, I'd create a little modern-styled sitting room where this awesome "grrrl" rug would be the only piece of art in the room -- but it's on the floor (crazy!), and I could serve mini hamburgers on these Warhol appetizer plates with a side order of irony. The "Lean on Me" pillow I just loved because I love random pieces of stuff that clearly have a voice of their own and backwards-widow their vowels.

So when I make my millions, hit the Lotto, or perhaps find oil in my backyard, I'll make sure to put these on the list to fill my home with crazy, slightly obnoxious things that I'll have an inexplicable Jaunty love for.

Jaunty Fine Print: Product photos courtesy CB2 website

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  1. Drooool. Love this design board. What a fantastic pillow!

  2. I love things like this, a little funky!
    Have you been watching 9 by Design? The couple that design houses and decorate them would put things like this in their masterpieces. If you dont watch the show, you should just to see their work! Amazing!


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