Sometimes it's the anticipation and energy before the event that makes for the real show to see. The Magpie was a lucky bird, able to take a peek at some of the behind the scenes preparation before the runway show at Bellevue Arts Museum's first Finally Friday event for 2010.

A chance to show off the talents of local Seattle designers, Built for Man, Bri Seeley, Poirier Couture, Last Wear and Neodandi Couture, the preparation behind a fashion show can be as interesting to see as the runway result. Tables full of rainbow-hued makeup kits, hair being styled, models in everyday wear being transformed into something other-worldly and truly imaginative -- it's like a little bit of magic happening before one's eyes. Stay tuned this week to see more photos of the Finally Friday fashion show, so you can see the final result of this creative and artful event.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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